Wayfinder Press London England is an independent, not-for-profit publisher founded in 2009 by Philip Harland and associates to publish and promote books and articles related to the core values and practices of Clean Language, Therapeutic Metaphor, and Emergent Knowledge.

If you are an author, check out the site and if your work fits our general philosophy and you would like to publish or promote it here, email info@wayfinderpress.co.uk with a brief description, a sample couple of pages, and a word or two about yourself.

If it’s an article, tell us if you would you like to make it available as a free download or at a price. Price would be subject to our mutual agreement.

If it’s a published book and the subject matter and style complement what’s already on the site, we’ll be happy to promote it here. If it’s a manuscript and you’re seeking a publisher, there's a (remote!) possibility that we’d be interested enough and have the resources to publish it independently. We intend to move into ebook and audio book publishing at a later date.

In any case, we’ll get back to you with what we can or cannot offer and, if appropriate, suggest a deal. Generally, this will give non-exclusive internet publishing rights to Wayfinder Press for three years, at which point you can ask for it to be removed. We retain the (exceptional) right to remove material at any time. If your material is sold directly from the site, you will get 50% and Wayfinder will retain 50%. All other rights remain yours. This is a default arrangement in the absence of any other deal we might agree.


Philip Harland is a psychotherapist who studied architecture and worked in theatre, film, and television as writer, director, and producer. He trained in analytic, humanistic, and neurolinguistic psychotherapies, and collaborated closely over many years with the creator of Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor, David Grove, until Grove’s death in 2008. They ran seminars and co-facilitated clients together. Philip is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network and founded the Clean Language Research Group. He is the author of many articles on Clean for professional journals and the cleanlanguage.co.uk, powersofsix.com, and wayfinderpress.co.uk websites. His book The Power of Six is about Grove’s last work in Emergent Knowledge and is dedicated to him.